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You're a budding burlesque performer, or new to creating cabaret, but you've no idea how to go from the studio to the stage, from the classroom to the corporate gig - where do performers even start creating an act?
How do you choose a name? source music? create choreography, and costume? research new, original ideas? 
When you've got an idea, how do you get bookings, know what to charge, promote yourself to bookers.....who even are bookers?
And ultimately, when can you leave your day job , travel the world, and live like Dita?
To answer all of these questions and more, you need a Glamazon Fairy Godmother to show you the way!

Lady May Presents:

"The Teaser's Toolkit"

Join Lady May on April 14th, at noon, for exclusive access to 7 of the industry's experts, who will answer all of the above...and so much more.
With years of experience teaching and performing burlesque, Lady May presents this intimate afternoon workshop - spaces are strictly limited, and available to those who are serious about making their passion pay.
The Teaser's Toolkit is being hosted at Fontaine's, a beautiful art deco venue in East London, which has been hired exclusively for the afternoon ~ you'll have uninterrupted access to 7 of the industry's top names.
Your ticket includes:
  • a full afternoon of talks from 7 professionals from the world of  burlesque and cabaret
  • a Q&A session with the panel where you can pose any and all burning queries
  • worksheets to take away
  • a decadent afternoon tea, rubbing shoulders with cabaret's finest, and the chance to ask them about their careers, their advice, and what they wish they'd known early in their career.
  • Networking session ~ chance to meet other cabaret lovers, and perhaps treat yourself to a decadent cocktail...or 3
  • Photo opportunity ~ we'll have one of cabaret's leading photographers on hand to pap you with these industry experts ~ make sure you dress to impress!
You will leave with a head-start on getting bookings and the tools to go from treading the classroom boards, to treading the boards of a stage, feeling clear, creative, and confident.
You will not just have the tools you need, but the contacts, the knowledge, the references and crucially, the commerciality.
Tips-from-the-top from 7 authorities:
How do you create an act?
Insight into creating choreography, choosing music, finding inspiration - from concept to plotting the flow of music, finding accents, breaking a track down and the mechanics of the process in creating performances
Taken by choreographer and performer Rosie Kohl. Rose has been working in theatre since 2005, and with her decade of experience in the arts (fusion belly dancing, circus arts and theatre devising) she regularly creates and shapes acts with many of the top UK performers. She is a teacher, performer, and one half of neo-Vaudevillian production team 'Gimcrack Productions' 
How do you get bookings?
A talk focusing on the key question - "I love performing, now how do I get bookings?" - looking at everything from where do performers find bookings, how do they apply, what to charge, how to draw up a contract, what questions to ask, as well as what not to do.
Taken by Glamazonian London burlesque performer, tutor, and TV personality, Lady May. Lady May started on the London cabaret scene in 2010, as a knicker-picker-upper, and since then has travelled performing, appeared in various magazines and TV shows, and taught 100's of burlesque students. A body-posi warrior, seeing both students and audiences walk out with their heads held high and enjoying the giggle in their wiggle makes her smile. And gin.
Making costume work for performance
From customising high street, to knowing who to commission, this session will cover inspiration, originality, and where to even start making pieces work for the stage.
Costumier and founder of 'Cut A Bitch' designs, drag artiste extraordinaire and Miss Cambridge Heath 2016, Bourgeoisie is a well-known face on the cabaret scene, thanks to TV show "Drag Queens of London". With a background in fashion design, and a key eye for quick-change ideas and constant innovation, Bourgeoisie is also in demand as a costumier, having made for most of the Family Fierce, many of the panel members, Lilly Snatchdragon, Didi Derriere, Tete name but a few.
So you've got the booking, what now?
Covering all aspects of performer conduct, this session will cover the questions you should ask producers, what you might expect when you arrive at a venue, what should you take with you, what will producers need from you - what even is an intro for a host? You'll crucially leave with an idea of keeping yourself safe, making a good impression, and how to get invited back!
Twice voted into the top 20 of UK burlesque performers, Felicity Furore is a successful performer, producer & pin-up - a Showgirl with a twist and a sugar-coated minx! Currently touring with 'Party Like Gatsby' and a regular at the Proud venues, Felicity is rarely in London and we are very lucky to have her! Professional, approachable, and a tutor herself, Felicity is an example of a very hard-working creative.
What makes a good promo photo?
What are producers looking for? How do you know what makes a good promotional shot, or a live image? How do you know who to book for a photoshoot, where do you find photographers, what should you take to a shoot and how will you get a professional image? How can you stay safe on the experience, what questions should you ask and how do you create imagery that shows you as a performer instantly to a booker?
Internationally acclaimed photographer, Tigz Rice knows both sides of the lens all too well, having toured as a burlesque performer herself! Fairly uniquely, Tigz has skills in live settings and the studio, and creates beautiful art for boudoir clients, bloggers, burlesque performers and professional pin-ups. She is a founding member of The Underpinnings Museum, and has a passion for lingerie that can rarely be challenged! Whether on location, on stage, or in her own studio, Tigz is a go-to for many of the leading names in burlesque, and has a passionate interest in empowering those in front of her lens, and in the broader community.
Her favourite phrase: "a rising tide lifts all boats"
Performer branding & personal marketing
So you've chosen a name, and perhaps know your style - but how do you tell the world who you are? How do you know your genre, your unique selling points, and market those to the world? If a producer wants a snapshot of your alter ego, how do you not trip over your tongue, and instead sell yourself succintly, and commercially?
There are very few styles, showgirls, or shows that Holli-Mae Johnson has not seen! Editor-in-chief of 21st Century Burlesque Magazine, Holli-Mae Johnson is about to release the 10th year print edition. Organiser of the annual Burlesque Top 50, author, marketing guru and business coach - it is hard to know when Holli-Mae sleeps. She reviews, she organises a team to deliver an acclaimed magazine, she supports the industry, she's been to more Viva and Burlesque Hall of Fame shows than many producers....and yes, she knows Dita!
But what's it really like?
Exquisite international performer, Miss Betsy Rose will be closing the afternoon's talks for us, giving a glimpse into her career, passions and motivations. Model, performer and part of the powerhouse production team creating the applauded 'Gin House Burlesque' nights, Miss Betsy Rose is known, and adored internationally. She was voted the UK's number one burlesque performer, and seeing her poise, her movement, and her naughtiness, it is easy to see why - she combines class, sophistication, and a very knowing smile! Loved equally by audiences, photographers, and producers, she is a true burlesque and vintage aficionado, with a flawless aesthetic. This is truly a unique opportunity to get close to a burlesque queen.
So if you're ready to take your love of performance from the classroom to the stage, from watching YouTube to being there yourself, book your place today.
Tickets to this exclusive event are £70 plus booking fee. Spaces are strictly limited.
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