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Lady May's Acts


Lady May's Ride

Dark, Domme, Delicious!

With a fine lace mask and swathes of netting from the veil on her top hat shielding her eyes from view, Lady May arrives fresh from her ride, and ready to whip something other than her horse – namely her audience, into a frenzy! Lady May is tall, but in heels and top hat she is towering, with a crop she is powerful, and with a Victorian equestrian costume, she's positively, deliciously, domineering.

“It was a pleasure to watch Lady May taking to the stage in all her Amazonian beauty, swathed in black and begin slowly teasing her way through this dark and sexy strip. She managed to keep the Dom theme fun, and playfully (and literally!) whipped the audience into submission.”

- Lena Mae – Performer and Producer of the Hundred Watt Club   

Les Plumes Épiques

A Feathery Frisson of Fun. 


With fans nearly as long as Lady May legs, this is a naughty take on a classic fan dance – fun, fierce, and with her trademark flippin' filthy face! Vintage ivory, turquoises and corals, with a deco twist, 60's beats then a bump'n'grind finale emphasised by a beauteous boa-bustle - THIS is the act where Lady May puts the grr into Showgirrrrl.


Lady May's Graduation

A Nautical Naughty with a Fiery Finale.


When Lady May had dreams of becoming a Showgirl, her father packed her off to Naval Officer’s College before she could say “Moulin Rouge”. We join her on graduation day to see if she’s....submitted to sailor school. What's certain, is whether you book the fiery finale, or the big bustly boa version, YOU will submit, to her spicy, sailor sass. A custom-made, couture navy suit makes way for strappy scarlet satin, burnt amber feathers and gorgeous golden crystals...oh, and a VERY cheeky bottom!

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